Membership form

  • I am a worker. This means all employed, unemployed, directly or indirectly wage-dependent, (pseudo) self-employed, trainees and pensioners.
  • I am not an employer. This means that I do not have the power to hire or fire employees.
  • I do not carry out any activities that are in conflict with the purposes and goals of the FAU (document in German).
  • I support the principles of the FAU and will behave according to its structures and resolutions.

    I want a FAU-Account (access to internal emails and files; necessary for active participation):

    I would like to be assigned to a buddy, to support me getting to know the union:


    membership contribution

    The membership contribution per month is 1% of the regular monthly net earnings. The minimum contribution is 4 euros per month. In case of economic hardship, the contribution can be reduced or waived on request.

    Every member is free to make higher contributions.

    The contributions are paid by standing order or collected by SEPA direct debit procedure.
    In exceptional cases, membership fees can also be paid in cash.

    If you want your membership contributions to be drawn from your bank account, fill in the following areas:

    After confirmation by the secretary and receipt of the first fee, membership is considered provisional and must be confirmed by the following general assembly.

    Data protection notice

    The data entered in this form will be transmitted in encrypted form between your browser and the FAU server. The same applies to the path from the FAU server to the secretariat of the Göttingen General Syndicate.


    All data will be treated confidentially.