2000€ wage demanded for unpaid work and supplements in elderly care!

Together with one of our members, we demanded almost 2000€ for unpaid work as well as missing Sunday and holiday bonuses. The colleague works in outpatient care for the elderly in private households. She had to work up to 15 days at a stretch, take on tasks for which she was not trained and work a lot of unpaid overtime.

After the boss had not responded to our demands but had also missed the deadline to file an official objection, we were able to have the money collected by a bailiff. In the meantime, the colleague is working in another care company, where the conditions are slightly better. Regular work on weekends and too little money at the end of the month remain.

The situation in nursing care for the elderly is not acceptable either for the nursing staff or for the elderly. We need a fundamental improvement of the working conditions in the care, which would mean at the same time an improvement of the living conditions of those in need of care!

To achieve this, we need to organize ourselves into a union. If you have problems at work, want to organize with your colleagues or support other people in doing so, write to us at faugoe-beratung@fau.org

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