Become a member

Benefits of a membership

  • Democratic participation rights: On an equal footing with others, you can have a say in matters at FAU.
  • Tatkräftige Solidarität: Unterstützung in deinem Arbeitskonflikt von erfahrenen Mitgliedern.
  • Active solidarity: support in your work conflict from experienced members.
  • Strike support: For larger struggles, there are larger pots of money at the regional and national levels of the FAU.
  • Regular training courses on workplace organization, labor law, trade union work and political theory.

Requirements for a membership

  • I am a worker. This means all employed, unemployed, directly or indirectly wage-dependent, (pseudo) self-employed, trainees and pensioners.
  • I am not a boss. That is, I do not have the power to hire or fire employees.
  • I do not engage in activities that conflict with the purposes and goals of FAU.
  • I support the principles of the FAU and will behave according to its structures and resolutions.

Membership form

To become a member, you have to fill out a membership form and send it to the FAU Göttingen secretariat. You can either use the web form or the paper version.

Data security

With the web form, your data is transmitted from your browser to the FAU server and from the FAU server to the secretariat via TLS encryption. Only you, the secretariat and people with access to the FAU server (admins of the IT collective) can read the data.

You can download the paper version as a PDF file and print it out. Alternatively, you can also get a printout at the meeting. This way, data security depends solely on the lock and the people with keys. Bring the completed and signed form to a meeting or send it to us by mail:

Allgemeines Syndikat Göttingen
Obere-Masch-Straße 10
37073 Göttingen

Choose the option that offers you the best combination of convenience and data security.