How does union consultation work?

The union counsultation hour is the first place where anyone who is unhappy with their working conditions can turn to. Are you or your colleagues being paid poorly or not at all? Are you denied basic rights such as sick pay, paid vacation or night bonuses? You struggle from one temporary contract to the next? There is discrimination, harassment or even sexual assault? You wish for more participation in decisions at work?

No matter if it is about these or other problems: We stand by you as best we can. We do not decide how a labor dispute should be conducted for you – but together with you, with special consideration of your needs. With the help of the consultation we can provide you with the necessary tools to join forces with your colleagues in order to achieve improvements together. In addition, we can show you how we can work with you to enforce your claims without going straight to the labor court. This is often not only faster and more fun, but also shows that it does not always need an external authority to “help”, but that we can also achieve something together if we organize ourselves well.

Do I have to be a member of FAU for consultation?

Even if you are not (yet?) a member of FAU, we offer an initial consultation. This usually takes the form of a personal meeting at an FAU location. Everything that can be said about the case without extensive research can be discussed there. Should further steps be necessary from our experience, we will describe them to you. You can then decide whether you want to take them alone or together with us.

Please bring your employment contract and other relevant documents to the consultation, if available – especially if legal issues are involved. If you need translation into languages other than English or German, please contact us and we will try to organize it.

Together we are strong!

At FAU, everyone works on a volunteer basis; no one at our organization is paid for their work. All membership fees go towards infrastructure and ongoing struggles. We like to lead major conflicts with the bosses together with you. We are also very successful at that.

Union consultation every last Monday of the month at 7 pm in the FAU office (Obere-Masch Str. 10, 37073 Göttingen)

or on request by mail or phone at other dates:

Mail: faugoe-beratung[at]

Phone: (+49) 0177 58 51 227
If the phone is turned off, leave a voicemail or send a voice message via messenger with a few keywords about your request – we will get back to you promptly!