We fought for wage continuation during illness! #geldher

Together with one of our members, we fought for around 350 euros in sick pay in a physiotherapy practice. The comrade had agreed with her boss to use up vacation time and overtime she had not taken. When she fell ill during this time, the boss refused to accept the sick leave.

In principle, however, the following applies: If you fall ill while on vacation, you are recovering from the illness and not from the work. That’s why days spent on sick leave do not count as vacation taken and can be made up later. Instead, you are entitled to continued payment of wages.

Do you have similar problems? Then contact us at faugoe-beratung@fau.org and we’ll work together to find a solution! In many cases, it is still possible to claim unpaid wages, vacation pay, etc. up to three years after the end of the contract.

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