100-member celebration and autumn party

We want to celebrate with you that we are now a union with over 100 members.

When? Saturday 16.09. ab 17:00 Uhr
Where? Café Krawall, Geismar Landstraße 19, 37083 Göttingen

It is not every day that there is something to celebrate with topics around work – but now there is! Even though we founded as an independent grassroots union in the difficult Corona year 2020, we have now left the spheres of under 100 members in the third year since.

We would almost say that the FAU is steadily gaining in visibility, relevance and ability to act in Göttingen and the surrounding area. That this is so, and that this development will continue, is something we want to celebrate – with all of you!

We warmly invite you to our 100-member celebration at Café Krawall (Geismar Landstraße 19, 37083 Göttingen). You can expect a quiz, tricky board games, some speeches, cool drinks and danceable music at a later hour! For late bloomers, we will of course also be issuing membership applications.

For food we will have a buffet, which we will complement with soup (probably Soljanka), bread as well as cakes and other snacks. Feel free to bring a contribution to the buffet, a cake or anything else. Games etc. are of course also welcome.

We are looking forward to seeing you, and to the next zero behind the 1!

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