1,900 Euro wage claimed after wrongful termination!

Together with one of our members, we claimed over 1,900 euros in a negotiation before the labor court after a wrongful termination. The comrade had been working at a Corona test center and had been verbally terminated with only five days notice.

However, notice of termination must be given in writing (in paper form with a handwritten signature) and a period of notice must be observed – otherwise it is invalid. Because the comrade had continued to offer her labor, but the boss had not accepted it, the company fell into so-called Annahmeverzug and had to continue to pay the wage without any work having been done in return.

The special thing: The negotiation was not conducted by a lawyer, but by one of our experienced members. Other FAU members were also present in the court to express their solidarity.

Being unionized pays off! Get organized in the FAU!